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What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a brain disease that is perceived by substance use that the user finds impossible to control despite its’ harmful effects. Usually, substance users have an extreme focus on using a particular substance, or substances, to the point that it takes over their life. They continue to use the substance even with the knowledge that it will cause problems.

Addiction: The Danger

The mental disorder that is known as Addiction is linked to the abuse of various substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and nicotine. Although these are the most common things recovering patients struggle with, it is possible to be addicted to anything.

These changes are what cause people to have intense cravings for the substance. The intense pleasure, calm, increased senses or euphoria caused by the drug make it extremely difficult to stop. These changes can last long after the immediate effects of the use of the drug wear off.

Severe substance use can cause many harmful changes in how the brain functions. People with a substance use disorder generally suffer from irregular thinking, behavior and body functions. The dependency which results from a severe substance use disorder causes unfavorable changes in the brain’s make-up. 

Brain imaging studies show changes in the areas of the brain that relate to:

  1. Judgment
  2. Decision Making
  3. Learning
  4. Memory


How To Seek Help

Call our office. We will ask you to answer some basic questions to obtain some primary information about yourself to help us evaluate your condition. 

If we determine that we can provide the potential client with the assistance that is needed; we will set a time for the individual to visit our office so that we may begin treatment utilizing any of the following clinical approaches: