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What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is a shared process between a therapist and a person in treatment. The therapist seeks to assist the individual with managing issues that are challenging to deal with alone. This model of therapy is also known as psycho-social therapy, talk therapy, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral counseling.

Individual Therapy: Our Goals

Many of life’s challenges can be extremely difficult to manage. The pressures that are placed on us can be overwhelming, especially when we face them alone. With this thought in mind, there are two key goals that we seek to achieve while assisting a patient during our therapy sessions.

Our first goal is to assist the individual in overcoming obstacles which interfere with the individuals’ mental-wellness. Our second goal is to stimulate change in the thinking patterns of the individual showing them how to move their thoughts towards improving their conditions.

Individual Therapy: Our Focus

The focus of Individual Therapy efforts center on areas of individuals’ lives that they have concern. These areas commonly involve conditions that are causing a great deal of distress in the individual’s life.  Distress in this sense generally means:

  • Negative Thoughts
  • Negative Feelings
  • Negative Behaviors

People seek therapy for reasons such as coping with significant life challenges, dealing with trauma, depression, and anxiety are the most common ones.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

There’s a wide range of rewards that a person may benefit as a result of Individual Therapy.  Some examples of these advantages are:

  • Increased compassion and self-esteem
  • The acquisition of skills to aid in handling stressful situations
  • Comprehension of how making healthy decisions can lead to self-growth.
  • Development of the proclivity for establishing and following through on plans of action.

Aside from the benefits listed above, many people find that they enjoy the therapeutic process of becoming more self-aware. It helps to understand themselves and others better. It also helps them set personal goals and work toward desired change.

You are experiencing bodily sensations such as pain or fatigue,

You are often unhappy,

You feel overwhelmed and hopeless about issues in your life,

You cannot focus on work or school,

You are experiencing addiction,

You feel like hurting yourself or someone else.

We’re Here to Help

If you find it difficult dealing with an issue that is causing distress or interfering with your day-to-day life, counseling may be a good solution.

It is important not to wait until symptoms become severe before seeking treatment. Call now.