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What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy is the treatment of a family dysfunction which involves primary and extended members of a family. In some cases, it may be necessary to include extended family members in the treatment process. Family members attend a number of therapeutic sessions with a trained therapist who assists them in examining issues that disrupt peaceful home environments and interfere with effective family relations.

Goal of Family Therapy

Generally, the object towards which the family therapist efforts are directed is the positive development of those moral, mental and social capacities that the group has shown itself to be deficient in exercising when circumstance deems appropriate.

The ultimate purpose of the therapist is to assist the family solve problems associated with a mental or behavioral health issue.

The Focus of Family Therapy

As with other forms of therapy, Family Therapy is initiated to address a specific problem. Some examples are:

  1. To improve communication between family members.
  2. To cope with a critical family situation,
    • Death in the family;Caring for a member with severe physical impediments;Supporting a family member who is terminally ill;Dealing with a family member who has a psychological disorder.
  3. To create a better functioning environment at home.

It is essential to keep in mind that Family Therapy sessions often reveal additional issues; thus, the scope of the therapist’s evaluation may need to be expanded to address whatever the matter is that the family therapist deems to be of relevant importance to resolving the overall problem.

We’re Here to Help

Our Family Therapeutic approach is established on family systems theory, in which the family is looked upon as a single body rather than just a group of individuals. Family Therapy uses systems theory to evaluate the position or role of each member within the system as a whole and address the problem by changing the way the system works rather than trying to fix a specific member.

Sessions are managed by a well-trained and experienced team of therapists who apply various family and group therapy techniques. We then observe the way in which family members interact and communicate – taking great care not to choose sides with specific family members.

If your family or if you know a family who is finding it challenging to overcome a problem, give us a call.