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What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a psycho-therapeutic process in which a clinically, experienced therapist attempts to encourage an integral-dialogue between couples and use the insight gained from such dialogue to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

The Goal of Couples Therapy

An intimate relationship with a companion is one of the closet relationships we have as humans. Committing ourselves to a companion and remaining committed through hardships and misfortune is seldom easy.

Moreover, when we choose to marry our companion and raise a family together, this only adds to the complexity. Clinicians seek to treat the mental and emotional disorders which contribute to these difficulties.

Thus, the goal of the therapist is to relieve these couples from the pressures that result from the distress and bring about changes in behavior leading to improved social functioning and personality growth.

The Focus of Couples Therapy

There are a variety of reasons that may move a couple to seek counseling Some examples are:

  1. Financial issues,
    • Overspending.
  2. Terminal Illness.
  3. Trust issues.
  4. Domestic violence.
  5. Sexual relationship issues,
    • Mismatched sex drives,A lack of attraction.
  6. Inability to communicate with one another,
    • Yelling/Screaming,Distractions during interaction,Negative body language.
  7. Overbearing career demands.



We’re Here To Help.


It is essential to understand that very few intimate relationships exist free of conflict and when it begins to falter, our health and happiness often suffer. If you and your companion have tried to work through your problems but were unsuccessful, perhaps it is time to seriously consider that it may be beneficial to seek outside help. Call us, and let us help you put your relationship back on track.