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What is Trauma?

As it relates to mental-wellness, generally know as Psychic Trauma, it is a psychologically upsetting experience that produces an emotional or mental disorder or otherwise has long-lasting negative effects on a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Trauma: A Closer Look

Trauma is a form of stress that has a wide range of damaging effects on the function and structure of the brain. Traumatic stress also disrupts the working relationship between the person’s nervous system and mental functions such as memory, language, and emotion.

The changes that traumatically stressful events cause in the function and structure of the brain may negatively affect a person’s life in many ways. Some ways in which a person is affected are as follows:

  1. Self-isolation from others,
  2. avoidance of objects and situations that  remind them of hurtful experiences,
  3. uncontrollable substance use,
  4. a tendency to forget the traumatizing incident,
  5. chronic irritability and tenseness.

Many medical studies have shown that the brain can repair itself after suffering a traumatic brain injury; specifically, that the brain builds new brain cells to replace the damaged ones. However, the pace at which the brain repairs itself doesn’t happen quickly enough to allow recovery from degenerative conditions listed above. Thus outside assistance should be considered.

Trauma Counseling: Benefits

Research has shown that outwardly expressing your feelings to someone has a significant healing impact on the brain. 

Moreover, when you choose to outwardly express your feelings to someone who is trained to help you with how to come to grips with them, the benefits are even more significant. What are some of these benefits? 

We’re Here To Help

At times, everyone can use extra support in handling life’s challenges, mainly when the challenge has proven itself to be of traumatically stressful proportions.

Each of us has a variety of ways in which we deal with stress and problems when they arise, but not all of those ways fall on the healthy side of the spectrum. While comfort from the ones you love and constructive physical and mental exertion tend to help, certain levels of traumatic stress are just too high to deal with without the help of a professional.

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